Remote Administrator Control Client

Remote Administrator Control Client 5.0

Manage and control remote computers from anywhere
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Remote Administrator Control Client by Miloslav Novotny N+P is a free utility for Windows. This program has been specially designed to allow us to manage and take full control over one or several remote computers as if we were in front of them. There are several options available from the user’s interface, i.e. add a new connection, change a connection's properties, scan a network segment, set properties of a remote control, record the screen, chat, send a message, shut down a computer, perform a remote installation of RAC Server, and many more. It is also possible to use the video driver in order to get quick information on remote desktop changes, to play recorded files in the built-in player, get information about the users, and import/export connections.

We can download this software directly from the developer’s website. In order for it to work, Remote Administrator Control Client needs Remote Administrator Server, a shareware application available from the same site. The former runs on a client's side and needs to be installed in all the user’s computers, and the latter must be installed in the remote computer to act as a server. It has a multi-language interface supporting the following languages: English, Spanish, Czech, and German.

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  • Completely free
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  • Highly customizable settings
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